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We are a team with a passion for innovation. We believe that cutting-edge technology can revolutionise many industries. We chose light.
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Our mission

We are changing the way people work with light. That's why we're developing Spectoda - a tool that simplifies installation, saves on infrastructure costs and pushes the boundaries of what can be created with light.

How it all started

Matěj and Anna start the Nyxies project - interactive light-up shoes for dancers, where the first version of our firmware is developed.
We founded Light Seekers, s. r. o., which today has all projects under its umbrella, from the NARA smart lamp to installations around the world.
We are arranging the first order where we will apply our light control system - now called Spectoda, then Tangle. We are putting all our attention and efforts into its development.
The management team has now grown to seven members and they are moving production, warehouse and office to the Next Zone workshop in Prague's Smichov district.
From purely visual concepts, we are also shifting our expertise to wireless light control in industrial and commercial spaces.

"Light-up shoes for pole dancers"

The founders of Spectoda were enchanted by light, although originally in a different form. Anna and Matěj's first project in 2019 was the interactive light-up heels Nyxies. They were looking for a system that would allow the shoes to react and synchronise at the same time. However, no available solution on the market could do without the assistance of a computer, so they began developing a system of their own...
Within two years of development, the application of Spectoda had grown far beyond the cultural use. Now our goal is to give people a tool that makes it easy to work with light. The system is already flowing in art installations, illuminating interiors or events, and finding applications in industry.
Anna & Matěj

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Anna veselá
CEO & Co-founder
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