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Atmosphere in Next Zone Can Be Customised in a Few Clicks

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 18. 10. 2022


In October 2021, Spectoda moved to Next Zone - a professional prototyping workshop, startup incubator and event space. The collaboration has led to the lighting of the event space.

The Industrial Space Has Come Alive with the Latest Technology

Next Zone was created following the initiative of students of the Smíchov Secondary Technical School and Grammar School, who wanted to transform an unused part of the school workshops. Radko Sáblík, the director of the school, and Vít Šimral, the councillor for education at the City Hall, were the main supporters. Thanks to them, a space with many purposes - organizing events, implementing ideas, or incubating companies such as Spectoda - has grown up in the courtyard. The architecture of the event space is in an industrial style and offers a beautiful contrast to the latest technologies, which now include lights powered by our system.


“We wanted to work with light in the event space and we also knew that our incubated startup Spectoda would be able to fulfill this wish. But as a high school, we tried to find other options. However, after some time it became clear that we couldn't find a better solution on the market,” says Patrik Seidl, COO of Next Zone.

Atmosphere to Suit Every Organiser's Taste

We installed 50 metres of addressable LED strips in four lanes in the event space. Two are located in a trough in the floor of the lower floor, two line the walls of the upper floor. In addition, we developed a custom user interface from which the lighting can be easily controlled.



The atmosphere of the space can thus be adapted in a few clicks. This added value will be experienced by anyone who decides to hold their own event in Next Zone.

Long-term Partnership

“Spectoda provided fully addressable RGB lights that can be controlled from a mobile app. No one else offered us that. Plus, they made the app to fit our own identity. The consultation and installation was quick and without complications,” comments Seidl.


We're not done improving Next Zone yet. The space already has stage lights installed that can be controlled via a DMX console. It is to this console that we would like to connect all lighting powered by Spectoda Controllers. Similar to the Roxy club, we would prove the compatibility of both systems, making the work of the lighting technicians easier and at the same time enhancing the experience of future events.

Come and see the installation in Next Zone first hand or book a date straight away for an event to remember.

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