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Spectoda and Czechitas at the Colours of Ostrava Festival

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 31. 7. 2023

From 19 to 22 July 2023, we attracted the attention of visitors with the innovative presentation of Spectoda and Czechitas at the Colours of Ostrava Festival. We joined forces in a pavilion that combined technology, art and light.

IT Is Sexy

Czechitas, an organisation founded in 2014, aims to educate women for IT jobs. They introduce information technology in a playful way to inspire the development of logical thinking. Technology isn't just for geeks – it's for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and understand the world under the acronym IT.

This concept of introducing IT to the world was exactly what inspired us to work together. The Czechitas team devised the concept of the stand so that our products, which are at the crossroads of technology and light, would put some unveir what IT is about.

Program Your Own Light Show

We introduced people to a unique combination of IT and light. We equipped the booth with our light bars, SpectaSticks, which served as both a design and functional element. Visitors dove into the world of technology and used the Spectoda Studio software interface to create their own light show displayed right on the SpectaSticks.  

Visitors contributed valuable feedback on how Spectoda Studio can be made even more intuitive. Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to introduce more than 1100 users to our system and gain valuable insights for its further development.

As part of our booth, we created a programmable light logo for Czechitas. We used digital LED strips, 3D printing, diffusion plexiglass and silicone diffusers. With light animations and effects, it served as a great addition to demonstrate the fun of technology.

Thank you to all the visitors who took the time to stop by our booth and try out to program light.

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