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180 Spectoda Controllers Operate the Lighting of the Mileta Factory

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 20. 2. 2023


As partners of EXX, we have supplied the technology to control the lighting in Mileta's factory. We installed 180 controllers on a total of 360 lights. Thanks to the project, we have improved the Spectoda Controller for operating industrial lighting. So you can add a control system into your lights without having to invest in new wiring.

Spectoda as the Brain of Industrial Lights

The Mileta project presented the perfect opportunity to show that our technology delivers much more than just a visual experience. To make the Spectoda system as flexible as possible, we base it on the following technological parameters:

  • wireless mesh network;
  • compatibility with most light sources;
  • affordable purchase costs;
  • two-way communication (i.e. information is sent to and from the lights). 

These features make the system available for industrial and commercial spaces, where they can then take advantage of its functions and benefits – synchronisation, grouping, control from the app, connection to sensors, etc. It thus represents an excellent solution for clients who need, above all, simple and flexible control, to save on infrastructure and energy costs.

EXX, a company that provides comprehensive lighting design solutions, approached us for this very purpose. As part of a project to replace the lights at Mileta's factory in Hořice, they were also supposed to install a smart control system. Spectoda was the perfect solution.

We Turned the Factory Lights into Smart Ones

The implementation took place in two stages. In the first, we installed 90 controllers for 180 lights. In the second, we doubled the numbers.

As part of the project, we developed a special mobile app. Through it, the client can manage the lights, individually or in segments – preset or self-made. So if a particular machine is not being used, the client can simply dim or switch off lights above it with a few clicks, thus saving on electricity consumption.

Remote management is an important element of the entire light control solution via Spectoda technology. We value the overall simplicity of both installation and subsequent servicing. The possibility to resolve any faults remotely is therefore an essential part of every project.

We Manage Lighting without Additional Cables

"With this contract, we have taken our system to a new level. We have upgraded the Spectoda Controller, which is specifically tailored to control lights connected via DALI line or 1-10V. We can control standard lights that are already installed without the customer having to invest in new wiring," explains Matěj Suchánek, co-founder of Spectoda.

We're once more one step further. Spectoda is growing as a robust tool that can create an unforgettable light show, instalation and control industrial lighting simply and efficiently. We thank you for this opportunity and look forward to new challenges.

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