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Healthy and efficient lighting in the Kamenačky kindergarten

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 4. 10. 2023

In July 2023, the lighting in the Kamenačky kindergarten in the Židenice district of Brno was significantly upgraded. As part of this project, outdated lights in three classrooms and the headmistress's office were replaced with modern Bright Light fixtures from Lumbio. The new lights bring a number of benefits for the health and productivity of the children and the nursery staff.

Lighting that is almost identical to sunlight

Bright Light represents progress in lighting. This luminaire was developed by Lumbio after a long period of research and collaboration with experts in biology and chronobiology. It provides full-spectral light, which in practice means imitating the light of the sun with a minimal difference, just 2%. 

The human body needs more sunlight than we provide today in enclosed spaces. Replacing old lights with Bright light thus brings many positive effects for our body. It helps with better vitamin synthesis, regulating hormonal balance or improving mental well-being, similar to natural light.

The brightness changes automatically according to sensors

Another key element of the project is the combination of Spectoda technology with daylight sensors. We added a Spectoda Controller Industry to each room that communicates directly with the sensor. It then adjusts the brightness of the light according to the amount of natural light in the classrooms. 

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The result is consistently optimal lighting levels and up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional lighting without control. There is also a touch switch for users to easily manipulate the light.

The result is a consistently optimal lighting level and up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional lighting without control. There is also a touch switch for the user to easily manipulate the light.

The modernisation at Kamenačky Nursery School shows the potential of combining high-quality lighting and smart control. It is a model example of how modern technology can improve health conditions, increase comfort and contribute to energy savings at the same time. At Spectoda, we believe in the power of this combination and look forward to other similar projects and challenges.

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