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We Introduce NARA strip: the Newest Smart Product of NARA Edition

Autor: Anna Veselá, 10. 4. 2023

LED strip NARA

Illuminate your space with a smart LED strip designed and assembled in the Czech Republic. NARA strip is the second product in the NARA line after the popular floor lamp. With a length of 180 cm and a density of 96 LEDs per meter, the strip offers many possibilities for creating ambient lighting in any space.

NARA strip is equipped with four-channel RGBW LEDs. These allow you to shine any color via RGB and also include a separate white channel for higher quality white light. This ensures that the strip can meet a variety of lighting needs depending on the occasion (watching a movie, a romantic dinner, a party with friends, and more).

The tape's biggest added value is the Spectoda controller system (specifically the SC Hobby A1), which unlike competing products, allows pairing with other NARA devices without the need for a central unit (hub or nest).

The NARA strip, which is constantly being enhanced with software updates, offers a number of features: 

  • Delayed turn off; 
  • a library of more than 50 effects and gradients from which you can choose your favorite;
  • the ability to adjust the brightness and speed of the effects;
  • synchronization with music using your phone's microphone.

The NARA strip is controlled via the intuitive Spectoda Connect mobile app, which is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. For the price of 2 490 CZK including VAT, you can purchase the strip in our e-shop

Try out all the features of the NARA strip today and take your home lighting experience to the next level.

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