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Night of Researchers in the ELI Beamlines Centre was complemented by a light atmosphere

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 16. 10. 2023

On 6 October, the Night of Researchers was again held in many parts of the Czech Republic. In Dolní Břežany, in the heart of the ELI Beamlines Science Centre, visitors witnessed dazzling scientific experiments and a magical light atmosphere. And that is exactly what we had the opportunity to create.

The Night of Researchers is an exceptional project that brings hundreds of scientific facilities across the Czech Republic to life in one evening. Thanks to this event, visitors can peek into places they don't normally get to and explore the fascinating world of science up close. Whether you are a child, adult or senior citizen, science is waiting to engulf you.

Since 2005, this event has become an essential part of the Czech scientific calendar, with the support of universities, scientific institutes and observatories.

Light props by Spectoda in Dolní Břežany

It is at night that light work is at its best. In the ELI Beamlines laser centre they decided to enchant visitors not only with science but also with light. And how did we create it? We supplied SpectaSticks wireless light bars, light gates that greeted visitors at the entrance, and 100 meters of light sleeves that guided visitors through the complex.

Michael Vích from ELI Beamlines evaluated our cooperation by saying: "Thanks to your diode installations, visitors had a much more intense experience of the laser tour. It nicely enhanced the atmosphere of the selected venues and we got many positive reactions from the event participants."We are happy to have been part of this magical evening and look forward to further collaborations and opportunities to illuminate the scientific world (not only). See below to see how we lit up the Back to the future 2 conference or the With pleasure art exhibition, for example.


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