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Spectoda Brings Light to Pavel Šťastný's Exhibition "With pleasure"

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 15. 4. 2023

With pleasure W

Working with talented artists means always new and exciting possibilities. Lately, we had the opportunity to collaborate on Pavel Št'astný's exhibition "With pleasure" (6 to 27 April 2023). The event also celebrates international cultural cooperation and the 15-year partnership between the city of Bayreuth and Prague 6.

A Czech Artist Portrays the Work of Richard Wagner

Pavel Št'astný is a respected Czech artist with a rich career. On the occasion of the "With pleasure" exhibition at Bayreuth Town Hall, he is presenting an impressive outdoor piece. The art was inspired by the work of composer Richard Wagner

It's painting portrays the colours of tones and is depicted on Czech PackWall material, boards made from recycled beverage cartons. The circle symbolizes Der Ring des Nibelunge. The main element – a capital "W" – stands for both… wie Wagner and the title of the exhibition... "With pleasure". 

This "W" in particular required an innovative design, which was provided by our colleagues at Next Zone, and above all a thoughtful approach to lighting.

The "W" Sculpture Shines Thanks to Spectoda Technology

When it came to lighting, our expertise stepped in. Spectoda, specialising in light control technology, created a bespoke lighting solution for the sculpture. This enhances the visual impact and highlights the architectural details. Using digital LED strips and subtle dynamic animations, we achieved an unusual effect that attracts the attention of visitors. Especially during the evening hours.

Pavel Šťastný, With pleasure

"We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to expand the boundaries of what is possible to create with the lighting and technology we offer. Participating in "With pleasure" confirms our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences that bring together art, technology and international collaboration", shares Anna Veselá, CEO of Spectody.

The collaboration with Pavel Št'astný on the "With pleasure" exhibition is already one of many successful partnerships between Spectoda and artists from different disciplines. We are proud to support their work and bring a new dimension to the art world through our technology.

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