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Pre-election debate by students for students

Autor: spectoda, 16. 5. 2024

Spectoda contributed its innovative lighting solutions to a unique event - a pre-election debate with candidates for the European Parliament, organized by the student association Zavolíme!. This debate took place on 26 April 2024 at ARCHA+ in Prague and was accessible to students across the Czech Republic thanks to online streaming to secondary schools.

Zavolíme! is a platform that emphasizes increasing voter turnout among young people. It connects formal and non-formal education with a focus on issues that resonate with the young generation. 

Candidates were selected for the debate based on their current preferences from electoral surveys. The candidates were Jaroslav Bžoch (ANO), Marcel Kolaja (Pirates), Petr Mach (SPD + Trikolora), Danuše Nerudová (STAN), Luděk Niedermayer (SPOLU) and Filip Turek (Přísaha + Motoristé sobě). The debate was moderated by Oldřich Neumann.

Light timekeeping as in a professional studio

Spectoda supported the event with lighting design and effects that added dynamism and visual appeal to the debate. Specially programmed lighting props, such as our SpectaSticks, were used, for example, as a timer to show the remaining time for the candidates during their opening presentations.

We would like to thank the organizers for their trust. Spectoda has been a long-standing partner of the Based platform (the organizer of Let's Call!) and we have already worked together in 2022 on a similar debate format for the presidential elections. We are honored to be part of these key initiatives that open dialogue and contribute to a better informed and engaged younger generation in the political process.

Were we able to achieve lighting effects like in a professional TV studio? You can see for yourself in the recording of the debate. 

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