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Pronea Hosted a Conference with Light Design by Spectoda

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 21. 1. 2023

panel discussion

On October 20 and 21, 2022, the Pronea project hosted the Back to the future 2 conference. As its partners, we supplied lighting elements that enriched the program of the event. Among the props were two chandeliers in the shape of snakes.

The Back to the Future Conference in the Glow of Spectoda

The Pronea project connects the world of education with business. They teach how to discover strengths in oneself and others. They aim to support and develop talent, especially in the Horní Nitra region. To this purpose, it organised the Back to the future 2 conference in Partizánske in October 2022. 

The owner Ondrej Grenčík, whom we know through our membership in Forbes Ideal Place, approached us with an offer of partnership, and we equipped the space with lighting elements in which our system flows.

The whole event was introduced by a two-minute light intro directed by Spectoda. Our props then accompanied the workshops and lectures. At the end – just like the opening – we said goodbye with a light show.

Light Snakes, Sleeves and Sticks Dominated the Atmosphere

We provided 12 SpectaSticks and 10 metres of light sleeves from silicon. All of these elements were synchronised by our team from the Spectoda Studio.

The biggest specialty of this job was the "snakes". We created 2 chandeliers on the spot out of waste hose and hung them so that they wound and coiled through the space. We made them based on a design by architect Alan Prekop, which we realised in the GRAO café in Bratislava. 

"It was an honour for us to collaborate at the Back to the future 2022 conference with a skilful group of young people from Spectoda. Their creative solution of custom programmed LED lights significantly contributed to the overall audiovisual experience. And not only on the main stage, but also in the individual halls where the workshops took place. We greatly appreciate their willingness, flexibility and communication regarding fine-tuning how the show itself will look. We have received very positive feedback from many of the participants about the lighting used and we look forward to working with them again on our events," Marcel Meluš, Pronea Media, Co-Founder.

Light up your own event with Spectoda. Our technology inside the lights will give life and dynamics to an educational conference, a presidential debate, an innovation fair or a dance club.

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