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Autor: spectoda, 6. 11. 2022

Prusa Research

Prusa Research, one of the world's largest 3D printer manufacturers, has unveiled a new automated print farm at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. In addition to 34 printers with CoreXY construction, it also includes a Spectoda system. Its task is to use LED strips to symbolize each production step – from printer selection, to print completion and harvesting of the final product. 

More about Spectoda in 3D printing farm


We are helping Brokis to develop a new, dynamic lighting product. We are also working on an interactive solution for their presentation of design lighting at world exhibitions and trade fairs.


With EventArena we have participated in the organization of several events. Our task was to provide special lighting and create an exceptional atmosphere. For example, we cooperated in the preparation of the ČSOB Innovation Fair, which was a great success.


We have a long-standing cooperation with ČSOB Bank, which started with the delivery of light design and production of props for the Inno Fair. We will soon extend our cooperation to several ČSOB branches as part of a pilot project.

Read how 300 Metres of LED Strips Lit Up the ČSOB Innovation Fair


Using Spectoda, we added colour, life and dynamism to the wall in Prague's Roxy club.

Find out more about how the Roxy's wall of light dances.

For the second project, we connected Spectoda to the already built-in DMX system to make the installation controllable from the lighting structure. Other projects are in the works.

Tree Construction Lights Up the Roxy Summer Stage

Archa Theatre

During the year 2021, Specta Sticks shone several times in the performance Vectroscope organized at the Archa Theatre. In this way, we experienced first-hand working in an artistic environment and discovered the magic of improvisation combined with digital elements. In addition to our light sticks, the performance also involved a kinetic sculpture Reflexe, lasers or, for example, a robotic hand strumming a piano.

Miss Czech Republic

One of the regular customers who use our Specta Sticks at their events is the Miss Czech Republic organizing team. Specta Sticks can be rented or custom made. They include rechargeable batteries and a mobile app for easy operation.

Training lights

We have been cooperating with Martin Kop, Dominik Stasiowski, Mark Šulc and their company Training lights since the very beginning. When developing the product, i.e. training lights for athletes, we wanted to meet the requirements for such a device – wireless connectivity and communication through a mobile app. You can read more about this intention in our blog article

Sans Souci

For Sans Souci we supplied a custom-made control system for a chandelier. The lighting is then able to react to various stimuli from its environment, for example converting piano playing into lighting effects, and thus adapting the dynamics of the installation to the situation. A custom-developed user interface for switching animations was also included.

Co vytvoříme na míru vám?


We supplied KIA with several interactive lighting props, which they used at their press conferences to illuminate the launch of their new models.

Next Zone

We brought the industrial architecture to life with 50m LED strips that can be controlled from a custom designed user interface for Next Zone. This allows each organiser to customise the atmosphere of their event.

Find out more in the case study.

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