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Revolution Ride Uses Spectoda's New Algorithm

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 13. 12. 2022


Revolution Ride is a modern spinning studio that offers an extraordinary indoor cycling experience. This is thanks to energetic lectures, professional trainers and lighting from Spectoda.

Atmosphere Motivates For Better Results

In the Revolution Ride spinning studio in Prague you can discover your better self. Trainers design indoor cycling sessions in a way that motivates and inspires the participants. Cycling takes place in a modern space and is accompanied by creative choreography.

New lighting was supposed to respond to energetic music. Tereza Řehořová, founder of the studio, was looking for a system that would switch the lighting effects when the song or the tempo of the session changed. Spectoda came up with the solution.

Technology Takes Lectures to the Next Level

We had previous experience with the music-to-light algorithm, as we developed it for our NARA smart lamp. However, it was too simple for Revolution Ride's needs. Therefore, we came up with a new, more complex version that captures the structure of a given song. It evaluates in real time the BPM, the number of quarter notes per minute, tempo of the song, and then switches effects automatically.

The algorithm is implemented in a web application from which instructors control two two-meter lamps. Smart technology is accompanied by custom-made buttons that we have installed on the trainer's treadmill. With their help, trainers can change the effects manually and boost the intensity of workout.

System Will Find Application in Other Studios

„We are happy that we could join Revolution Ride. It gave us the opportunity to work on the algorithm we want to further develop. Music and light belong together and we are confident that many of our future clients will benefit from this connection,“ explains Anna Veselá, co-founder of Spectoda.

We believe the system will also improve the atmosphere in other studios, clubs or at events of all kinds.

Try rhythmic cycling yourself and experience session full of energy. Visit Revolution Ride in the Arkády Pankrác shopping centre. If you're interested in the connection between light and music, you can also read our case study about the Ritmo Factory drum show.

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