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Ceiling in ROXY Is Enhanced with Dynamic Lighting

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 7. 1. 2023

Using 240 metres of LED strips, we created a unique light structure from the ceiling in the ROXY club. Spectoda system enabled quick installation and connection to the DMX console.

A Ceiling That Is Really Alive

The Prague club ROXY wanted a light installation that would distinguish them from competing venues. Based on previous collaborations and projects that have always been a great success, director Jaroslav Stanko turned to Spectoda once again. He asked us to install addressable LED strips in the ceiling cassettes.

We set about creating unique lighting that will add a new dynamic to any concert or party.

"Working with Spectoda has repeatedly paid off for us. They are able to turn each of our ideas into reality and the installations are often praised by visitors. We are very satisfied and look forward to other projects," comments Jaroslav Stanko, director of the ROXY club.

240 Metres of LED Strips Installed in One Week

First, we tested and determined the right angle for the strips to shine as brightly as possible. The following implementation took a week. We installed 240 meters of LED strips and 4 Spectoda Controllers on the ceiling. 

We connected the entire installation to a DMX console so that the lighting technician could conveniently control it along with the spotlights. The chandelier thus belongs among other lighting equipment that any band can use during their concerts. One of the first groups to use the ceiling was PHS.

"It was a challenge for us, but the result definitely exceeded our expectations. When we saw the ceiling in action for the first time, we were downright excited," says Anna Veselá, co-founder of Spectoda. 

ROXY ceiling instalation

Spectoda and ROXY as Long-Term Partners

The light ceiling was the third big project we worked on at the ROXY club. As the first we animated an art deco wall so that it played light animations. The second challenge was a tree construction for the summer stage. We designed and built it entirely with our colleagues from Next Zone.

"Roxy is a partner who is adventurous and likes to explore the possibilities offered by the newest technology. We appreciate their trust in Spectoda, even though it is not the DMX protocol solution they are used to in a club environment," shares Anna Veselá.

Once you are in Prague, we recommend you to visit the ROXY club and enjoy the ceiling in its glory. The atmosphere of great music and the play of lights cannot be captured in photos.

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