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Try the New Model of SpectaSticks Light Poles

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 8. 2. 2023

SpectaSticks have become an essential part of events organised by, for example, ČSOB, Event Arena or MISS CZECH REPUBLIC. Clients favour the light poles mainly because of their easy handling and wireless control. At the end of the previous year, we designed their superior version.

The first generation of SpectaSticks was created in early 2021 as a test tool. It also preceded the NARA smart lamp, which, unlike the poles, serves as a home design accessory. The poles themselves have attracted interest in the cultural sphere, with photographers and dancers using them to enhance their shoots and performances. As demand grew, we decided to produce more pieces and eventually gave the poles a proper upgrade.

SpectaSticks in Improved Form

In designing the second generation of SpectaSticks, we focused on eliminating hardware deficiencies. The light poles therefore have 4 times longer life - at least 12 hours - and the batteries are not replaceable, but rechargeable via a USB C power cable. The construction includes a sturdier base and a more robust profile with a circular diffuser, which guarantees higher luminosity and better light dispersion. You'll also feel the change when operating - with the new model, we've extended the signal range.

We Offer Simple Rental

SpectaSticks create an unforgettable light show and guarantee a unique atmosphere. Clients use them for all kinds of performances, photoshoots, filming, as well as conferences and parties. You can rent up to 30 poles, which are connected wirelessly and controlled via the Spectoda Connect mobile app. This way, you won't be bothered by unnecessary cabling.

To provide maximum convenience, we will send our technician directly to your event if you need any support.

We count on an individual approach to each client. Therefore, you can also rent SpectaSticks on a long-term basis or have your own made. In addition to the poles, we can also provide other products that you can choose from our catalog. Please contact us by e-mail to receive one.

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