Take a peek inside our production, development and installation workshops.

Atmosphere in Next Zone Can Be Customised in a Few Clicks

In October 2021, Spectoda moved to Next Zone - a professional prototyping workshop, startup incubator and event space. T ...
18. 10. 2022

Ritmo Factory Drum Show Is a Pioneer in Europe

Brno's Ritmo Factory is a performance of professional drummers that combines music, movement and light. Modern technolog ...
10. 10. 2022

Street Art, Václav Havel and Spectoda Are Part of the Exhibition in Paris

Three and a half thousand LEDs from the Spectoda production shine on the fence of the Czech Embassy in Paris. Together w ...
10. 8. 2022
Inno Fair

300 Metres of LED Strips Lit Up the ČSOB Innovation Fair

On 21 and 25 April, the ČSOB Radlická headquarters in Prague hosted the Inno Fair. The dark garage space, which was vi ...
10. 8. 2022

A Chandelier from a Waste Hose Glows in the Grão Café in Bratislava. The Colours Are Provided by the Spectoda System

In the Grão café in the Slovak capital, we installed a 15-metre long waste hose instead of a chandelier, added smart p ...
4. 6. 2022

Spectoda Was Part of Designblok alongside TreeBee and Brejlando

This year we got the opportunity to shine at the 23rd edition of the largest design exhibition in Central Europe! From 6 ...
22. 10. 2021

Prusa Research's Revolutionary Print Farm Shines with Spectoda

Prusa Research, one of the world's largest manufacturers of 3D printers, has unveiled a revolutionary innovation at EXPO ...
13. 10. 2021

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