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Tangle Turns into Spectoda, while Getting Ready to Control the Light Abroad

Autor: Lucie ze Spectody, 19. 5. 2022

Tangle - a system for controlling glowing dancing shoes has advanced in development and use in two years. The name Tangle, which used to refer to tangled cables and plans, is no longer enough. We light up original spaces, do light shows and control the light according to our clients' wishes. It's time for Spectoda.

"We are heading abroad. There are ambitions to push the possibilities of light and smart lighting not only in our country, but also in European cities. We already have our first orders in the United Arab Emirates, we have contacts in Belgium and more will follow," says Spectoda co-founder Anna Veselá.

In 2020, Anna Veselá and Matěj Suchánek created a system that allows to wirelessly connect light elements and breathe life into them. It can thus react to movement, touch and other stimuli. "Its big advantage is that it works autonomously - it does not require the presence of a computer to control it. This has led to interactive installations in public spaces or new products. From lamps to safety features in factories," says Matěj Suchánek.

Spectacular Diode

The reason for the current name change is the planned expansion, the related legal steps and the growth of the company. From the original two people, there is now a team of fifteen people. They all are improving and developing the system, manufacturing various customized lighting components, taking care of the store and customers, or taking care of the NARA lamp, which is the only product of the company designed for ordinary households.

"Our vision is to create a new standard for light control. Spectoda has a huge range of applications from artistic performances and shows, to product presentations and industrial use. And at a later stage, we will extend smart lighting to cities and towns, where it will save money and the environment and reduce light smog," adds Anna.
Our new name was created by combining the words SPECTACULAR and DIODE.
  • The word spectacular comes from the Latin spectaculum = theatre, stage, expressing something special, unusual, arousing attention.
  • The word diode represents the semiconductor component that makes our system bright.

Also the word SPEKTRUM is part of the new name. It describes very well what we do - colours, possibilities, crossroads.

Spectoda (formerly Tangle) was originally created to control Nyxies glowing dancing shoes. Anna and Matej were looking for a system that would allow the shoes to react to the footfall and synchronise with each other at the same time. However, they soon discovered that there was nothing like this on the market, so they set about developing it.

"In two years, the use of Tangle has grown far beyond dance and culture in general. We illuminate the interiors of various venues for which we prepare customized control applications. Prepare light shows for presentations of various products, or push the possibilities of art. And we also worked on the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai! Tangle controlled the synchronized lighting of a farm of forty-four 3D printers from Prusa Research there," Matěj lists.
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