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Tree Construction Lights Up the Roxy Summer Stage

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 10. 8. 2022


The stage at the Roxy dance club in Prague has been lit up by 400 metres of LED strips. They covered the construction of a large tree created by the Spectod team. You can enjoy the installation until mid-September.

The Second Round of Cooperation

In May 2022, the Roxy premiered the light wall we wrote about in our last case study. The result was a great success, so Roxy approached us with Shameless, the company that came up with the tree-shaped lighting design. Based on the request, which included construction work in addition to light design, we decided to invite our colleagues from Next Zone to collaborate. They figured out what material to use and how to assemble the structure.

32 Controllers in a Single Installation

The light tree is composed of dozens of triangles and stars, which we assembled from 250 m of wooden slats covered with 400 m of LED strips. A team of 14 Spectoda and Next Zone employees worked on this project.


"The job was both a technical and time challenge for us. I am glad to have people around me that I can rely on. This is the only reason why we completed the installation on a relatively tight deadline," says Patrik Seidl, COO of Next Zone.



Control Hidden behind DMX Consoles

In Roxy, lighting technicians commonly use DMX consoles, but these are not suitable for controlling large numbers of individual LEDs. In order to modify the light into music and use the potential of the whole installation, we connected DMX with Spectoda. The Spectoda system turns the signals travelling from the consoles into animations and effects. Although the infrastructure looks complicated, using local electronics makes it easier to control and reduces costs.


Remind yourself how we brought new life to the wall of light at Roxy. It used to glow only red, but now it shines in all colours. Wondering how to kick up the atmosphere in your own place? Light it up with Spectoda. Contact us by email or by calling +420 733 585 225.

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