With us you can
create unique light shows

We can do any interactive light show with no need of PC connection. All you have to do is imagine.

You create, Spectoda will manage it all

Unlike other systems, Spectoda works decentrally and independently of the computer. The effects are created directly inside the device, which eliminates any inconvenience caused by signal loss. This means much greater stability and reliability of the entire light show.

See what we can do

Artists can improvise and the light adapts

The Spectoda system can react in real time to shaking, movement or sound, and send these instructions from one device to another.

Where are our lights

Our team

Anna Veselá

CEO & Co-founder

Matěj Suchánek

CTO & Co-founder
Lukáš Kovář
Head of Software
Lucie Rusňáková
Marketing Manager
Vladimír Horák
Project Manager
Dominik Stasiowski
Product Owner
Viktor Slezák
Markéta Šrůtková
Michal Burda
Happiness Manager
Marek Svitek
Šárka Dvořáčková
Eliška Tajovská

Whether you are an artist, a music band, a light designer or a DJ, discover the Spectoda system and discover completely new possibilities of interactive LED lighting.