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Bistro & Bar Koule: The Perfect Harmony of Good Drinks, Light and Cheese Balls

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 4. 6. 2022


On November 5, 2021, Bistro & Bar Koule opened its doors, and on the first day dozens of lovers of an improved version of the Czech classic - fried cheese - visited. At Milady Horákové 54, you can now travel back to your childhood and taste the cheesy dish in a new round form. What's more, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere thanks to the Spectoda system.


What makes the bistro so memorable? For us, it's definitely the holy trinity of O'Cheese balls, great drinks and light. You can choose from 15 different combinations - from Eidam to Cheddar to mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes -, homemade dips and classic or carrot fries. Accompany this delicious interplay with a chilled beer, mixed drink or lemonade and we guarantee you'll never want to leave.


You can arrive at the bar from 5pm to 1am and enjoy the original menu as well as our lights.


Powered by Spectoda

Our team visited Letná in Prague in July this year. Since our first visit, we had known this was a project we were excited to be a part of. Over the course of five months, we installed a total of 90 metres of LED strips in the space. These are connected to seven Spectoda Controllers, through which a barista can command the light using a customized app. The app allows individual and synchronised work with each segment and offers modes programmed for different situations - for example, a lighter day mode, a darker evening mode or a practical cleaning mode.

"We are pleased that we managed to meet all expectations and create an unusual atmosphere that can be changed endlessly. We have tried running Spectoda in a commercial space and we convinced ourselves that we can produce smart lighting for any business. Thanks to the bistro, our potential customers can see how the system works in practice," said the company's CEO Anna Veselá about the cooperation.

The entire space is dominated by an installation by visual artist Marek Šilpoch, which was also brought to life by the Spectoda system.


We have successfully completed one challenge. Many more are ahead of us, and we are already looking forward to the commissions that await us in December and the coming year. Be there with us - follow us on Facebook or Instagram and let us take you behind the scenes of exciting projects that push the boundaries of working with light.


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