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Goboline and Spectoda increase work safety in business

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 9. 12. 2022


Goboline Projection System is designed for light markings in warehouses and factories. Spectoda makes the solution more affordable and user-friendly.

Goboline saves energy and operating costs

Goboline projectors use a refined optical system to transform light from an LED source into a linear shape. This creates a much wider projection while maintaining sharpness and brightness. Less equipment is needed, which also reduces energy consumption. The system is usable in any kind of industry, where it alerts pedestrians to the passage of a forklift truck, for example.

From May 2022, Goboline participates in the second batch of the hardware accelerator, which is run by the PrusaLab prototype workshop.

Spectoda got rid of the cables

To turn on the projectors, it must receive a signal from a sensor that has detected forklift movement in the hall. Thanks to our solution, the devices do not need to be connected by cables, which reduces acquisition costs and makes installation easier. This saves money for both the company and its clients.

For Goboline, Spectoda has created a special module that enables wireless control and communication of the projectors. In addition, we have also developed a customized application from which clients manage all their devices – setting their behavior or pairing them into groups.

Vision meets reality

“When I first saw the Spectoda system, I was fascinated by how the individual lights communicate wirelessly with each other. I had the idea to try this smart solution on our projectors, so I contacted Anna Veselá and Matěj Suchánek. As a result of our collaboration, we are now able to easily control and program our projectors via a mobile app. This provides further possibilities of use, especially in logistics and in increasing efficiency of industrial processes. I must admit that the result has exceeded my expectations. Considering the potential of the whole system, I can see that we are only at the beginning,” evaluates Goboline co-founder Matyáš Kavan.

Find out more about Goboline. Install the system in your company and improve workplace safety.

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