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With Matter, Spectoda can be part of Smart Home

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 22. 11. 2022

Matter solves the main problem of smart homes – incompatibility. You can now buy devices from different companies and control them from one user interface. And soon, Spectoda will join them.

Matter brings a revolution in the world of smart technology

Apple, Amazon and Google are three big companies that offer Smart Home among their services. However, one had to choose one of them, and with each new device, had to be sure that it supported their system. This complicated life not only for consumers but also for other companies. They had to program smart products for each system separately or face a market disadvantage and promote their own apps.

Matter addresses this impracticality. It is a new standard for Smart Home, created by the collaboration of the mentioned companies and many others. It is supposed to connect all smart devices regardless of the assistant and product provider. This however, will only work if the sub-companies teach their products to communicate based on Matter and add them to this emerging unified ecosystem.

With version 1.0 coming out on October 4, 2022, we are truly at the beginning of a technological revolution.

Connecting Matter and Spectoda is within reach

Like other smart device vendors, Spectoda realizes the great benefits that compatibility with Matter will bring. That's why we're working to ensure that our lights can communicate with it. And therefore connect with all Smart Home providers.

This will allow our customers to control common settings such as brightness, color or delayed turn off, using their assistant or mobile app.

The world of technology is again a little further and so are we. We can't wait to connect our first lamp to the Smart Home ecosystem.

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