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What Are the Benefits of the Spectoda System and What Can It Offer You?

Autor: spectoda, 29. 6. 2021


Spectoda box as part of prop

Spectoda is a system for interactive light control. A hardware component that makes ordinary lights smart and connects them to interactive elements. Software in which the behavior of the lights can be set. We develop the entire tool from the ground up in the Czech Republic and constantly improve it based on the feedback from our customers.  

We have created our own system, thanks to which it is possible to wirelessly connect light elements and breathe life into them. They can respond to movement, touch, shock, and other stimuli. Another advantage is that they work autonomously - they do not require the presence of a computer to control them, which also reduces infrastructure costs. In this way, we can create unique interactive installations in public spaces or creating new products, from lamps to safety elements in factories.  

Commercial Premises  

We will increase the traffic of your stone shop or customer center. How? We incorporate interactive elements into the lighting system that respond to your customers and draw them into the action. Imagine an illuminated banner that increases the intensity of brightness every time your potential customer walks past the shop window. The chances that you will attract him and visit your branch increases by up to 80%!   We have skilled people in the team who understand, for example, laser or 3D printers, but also software development. We can also create a glowing logo that you will control from your own application on your phone or tablet.  

Photographers and Cameramen  

Our SpectaSticks will help create the right atmosphere - anywhere. Whether it's a photoshoot, filming, or an important event. They are also a popular addition to music bands. SpectaSticks are powered by batteries and last up to 8 hours. Then the batteries can be easily replaced with recharged ones. You can rent the rods from us for a specific date and time, or we will make your own. Thanks to the control from a mobile phone, you can set the colors, transitions, animations, and brightness completely according to your taste. For the needs of filming, we will program a light show into music, or we will immediately provide you with the operation of the lights.  


 Tailor-Made Products  

Spectoda can also be implemented in products. At the moment, you will find our microcontrollers in lamps, safety elements in factories, or training lights for athletes. Customers often come to us with challenges that no one before us has been able to solve. At Spectoda, we are not afraid to experiment and we are finishing things.  

Why Spectoda was Created

More than two years ago, we started working on a project of light-up shoes for dancers. For a long time, we were looking for a system that would allow the shoes to react to every step the dancer makes and at the same time synchronize them with each other. We have found that we can only achieve these functions by constantly connecting to a computer that sends instructions to the boots. After many meetings and consultations, we found that we were not solving this problem on our own. So we decided to create our own system - and so Spectoda was created.  

Our names are Anna and Matěj, this is our team and together we are moving the possibilities of working with light. Send us a message and let's find a solution just for you.  

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