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Spectoda Analytics: a revolution in lighting management and efficiency

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 7. 12. 2023

Introducing Spectoda Analytics, the latest addition to the Spectoda lighting control ecosystem. This software tool is designed for facilities managers and business owners who want to optimize lighting utilization, get accurate data on lighting operations, and maximize energy savings.

What is Spectoda Analytics?

Spectoda Analytics is an advanced software that displays real-time data on the status and duration of each light fixture in your space. This tool provides an overview of the current lighting status and also allows you to compare costs with the situation if you were only using lights with the on/off function.

How does Spectoda save energy and money?

By integrating with various sensors such as PIR and daylight sensors, the luminaries automatically adapt to the surrounding conditions and the needs of the people in the space. This intelligent automation and control significantly reduces energy consumption, which Spectoda Analytics can visualise and convert into savings in Czech crowns.

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Case study: first time verified in Sinop SNP

Spectoda Analytics was the first to be deployed in the administrative premises of Sinop SNP in České Budějovice. Data shows that the company saved an average of 35% of electricity in the first three months thanks to lighting control. By combining it with LED lighting, they achieved a total saving of almost 87%.

The future of Spectoda Analytics

In the future, we plan to expand Spectoda Analytics to include remote management features. This means that if building managers find, for example, that lights in a hall have been left on, they will be able to turn them off remotely via this tool.

Data leads to better decisions

We believe that data is key to making informed decisions, and that this trend will continue in the lighting industry. Controlling and automating lighting is an important step towards both sustainability and creating a healthier environment. Spectoda Analytics is the tool that makes all this possible.

Do you want to improve lighting efficiency in your business and save costs at the same time? Spectoda Analytics is the solution for you. Contact us to find out how we can help your business shine brighter and smarter. Be part of this innovation and bring your lighting into the digital age.

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