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Spectoda Built an Interactive Light Bridge in Pixelbase Digital Gallery

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 4. 10. 2023

Most Pixelbase

In the heart of historic Prague, one of the most interesting projects of recent times has been created: the Pixelbase digital gallery. It gains its uniqueness by combining a historical environment with modern technology. One of its unique elements is an interactive light bridge powered by Spectoda.

Light as an extraordinary element among digital art

The representatives of Pixelbase Gallery, Matěj Zimák and Patrik Gudev, asked our team to give the gallery an exceptional aura of light, in line with the digital art that the gallery presents. Originally we were only to provide temporary lighting for the opening event, but the vision quickly turned into a permanent interactive installation.

We were invited to join the project thanks to our previous collaboration with Patrik Gudev. Back then we created a lighting prop together for his music project Golden Cat. 

The bridge changes according to the movement and the current exhibition

For the realization we chose digital RGB LED strips, two Spectoda Controllers Hobby and PIR sensors that animate the bridge every time a visitor crosses it. The loosely pulsating light reacts to every movement, inviting interaction while adjusting its palette to the art.

In addition to the luminous bridge, we also created a luminous logo that attracts visitors at the entrance. The entire project from idea to implementation took just 14 days.

Pixelbase: history meets modern times

Pixelbase is not just a digital gallery. It is the epicentre of technology, creativity and education in Prague. It is located in the basement of the historic Franz Kafka House, a short walk from Old Town Square. 

Just walk into the Point Dining Bar and at the end of the room you will discover stairs leading down to the Pixelbase. As you descend, you are greeted by the vibrant yellow Pixelbase logo.

Spectoda technology has applications across industries

Although our light bridge is a work of art, the technology we use is not limited to galleries. Combined with PIR sensors, it finds applications within lighting control in industrial and commercial spaces where it can deliver significant energy savings. How? Read about saving energy in the next blog article.

Pixelbase is a great example of how technology and art can turn an ordinary space into a unique experience. Come and experience it for yourself.

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