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Spectoda Presented alongside Hardware Startups at the Prague Maker Faire

Autor: Anna Veselá, 27. 9. 2022

Maker Faire
Source: PrusaLab

As part of the 5th edition of the Prague Maker Faire, we presented our Spectoda system, including the NARA Alpha lamp and a newly developed smart home product. During the weekend event, we were able to personally share our vision and services to over 500 visitors.

The Maker Faire festival took place on 17 and 18 September in an unconventional way in the Holešovice Market Hall. More than 130 exhibitors from different parts of the country came to present their work. 

We prepared an interactive light installation for visitors inside a darkened tent, where they tried out the control of NARA lamps using a mobile app or sounds.  For those interested, we have prepared a competition to win the latest product from the NARA division, which we are going to launch in October 2022. 

Spectoda na Maker Faire
Source: PrusaLab

"The Maker Faire is an event I was a part of before Spectoda was founded. That's why the fair has special value to me. This year, we were again able to validate the interest in our services and the system itself. It is the maker community that can make Spectoda's work with light significantly easier in the future, which is why we are always pleased with the ongoing cooperation," says Matěj Suchánek, CTO of Spectoda, about the event. 

Our installation was part of the Hardware start-up zone under the PrusaLab banner. In addition to Spectoda, the following projects were also presented there: 

  • Goboline – an innovative smart linear light projector system;
  • Posedla – customized 3D printed bicycle seats;
  • FlockLock – smart signs for cattle;
  • Fluidum – a kinetic art installation made of mirrors by Petr Vacek;
  • Forest Bit – modular hydroponic farms for growing plants;
  • MyCello – the first 3D printed electronic cello;
  • Rowingo – a revolutionary rowing trainer.

We are looking forward to meeting technology lovers next time – at the Maker Faire in Brno on 23 and 24 October 2022. Let it shine!

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