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Difference between RGB LED Strips and Colours on a Computer Display

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 9. 2. 2024

LED tapes can display a wide range of colours, but they cannot compare to computer technology. Dark colours, pure black or brown, are particularly problematic.

Both computer displays and RGB LED strips produce colours using a combination of red, green and blue light. In the case of the strips, you adjust it by turning individual LEDs on or off at different intensities. The displays use pixel technology, where each pixel combines red, green and blue sub pixels to display a wide range of colours. You can therefore distinguish many more shades on your computer.

LED strips have limitations both in the width of the spectrum and in the production of certain colours in general. The colours that cannot be shone on an LED tape with a light diffuser are as follows:

Black: Black is essentially the absence of light, so true black cannot be displayed on an LED strip that produces colors by combining RGB diodes. 

Brown color: Brown is difficult to display accurately because of its complexity in the RGB system.

Dark shades: Unlike a computer, which shines through a black screen, LEDs shine through a light diffuser, which limits them in producing dark shades. Colors like dark green or dark blue also require very fine adjustment of light intensity, which is limited on an LED strip.

It is theoretically possible to light dark shades if we used a dark diffuser instead of a light diffuser. In that case, however, the props would not be able to display pure white. The LED strips would not have enough power for this.

Other factors that can affect the different perception of the same colours from different sources are, for example, different chromaticity temperature and CRI.

Props with RGB LED strips may not illuminate darker colours, but compared to the possibilities they offer, this limitation is only a minor one. Check out how they perfectly light up a room in the Project section.

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