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Introducing Spectoda App in a new coat: We are preparing a better user interface for you

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 7. 6. 2023

A couple of weeks ago we opened a new chapter in our journey at Spectoda: we beta tested the Spectoda App, the old user interface in a completely new coat. After we've gone through several weeks full of evaluations, testing and improvements, it's time to share the first results.

New, improved and universal light control


The Spectoda App is our latest user interface for controlling our lighting technologies. The first beta version is currently available in our native Spectoda Connect app, available for both Android and iOS. This version supports light dimming and CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) changing. We also plan to add an interface for RGB and RGBW LED strips as well as support for sensors soon.

As with any new technology, we have encountered a few challenges. Based on user feedback and our own testing and debugging, we have made a number of improvements and fixes to ensure that our platform is as stable and reliable as possible. Thus, compared to historical user interfaces, our main goal was to simplify the navigation of the application and completely redesign it.

As Spectoda grows, we bring changes in the development

With the growth of the Spectoda ecosystem and the constant addition of new features such as sensors, smart switches, data processing, etc., we felt it was time.

"Moving to a universal robust application was a logical step for both technology and business reasons. We will make maintenance easier to arrange and at the same time simplify management for all users who have implemented Spectoda's solution. We spent a lot of time on UX optimization. We try to make the application easy, intuitive and fast for users to navigate. We were therefore concerned about minimizing the number of clicks without limiting features," explains Matěj Suchánek, Co-founder & CTO of Spectoda.

The Spectoda App, although still in beta, is already fully available via the native Spectoda Connect interface and you can download it (App Store, Google Play) and start working with it.

We are on our way to creating something truly unique - a technology that allows anyone to control light the way they want to. But not only that, we also want to create a community of people who share our passion for light and technology. If you want to join and follow our progress, join us on our Discord server where we regularly share updates and news from the world of light control and our developments.

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