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Street Art, Václav Havel and Spectoda Are Part of the Exhibition in Paris

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 10. 8. 2022


Three and a half thousand LEDs from the Spectoda production shine on the fence of the Czech Embassy in Paris. Together with the Eiffel Tower, they illuminate the exhibition of street art accompanying the start of the Czech EU Presidency.

Smoother Lighting Animations at a Lower Cost

The fence of the Czech Embassy was lit up by 3,500 LEDs on 60 metres of LED strips. Anna Veselá and Matěj Suchánek, founders of Spectoda, came to Paris to install them. The strips run from a mirror decorated with the flag of the European Union together with the Czech Lion. It symbolises that Europe is a part of all of us.


"For the installation we used our own communication protocol that we are developing. It takes a completely different approach to how we control the lights, moving from a centralised model to a decentralised one. This allows us to do much higher quality and smoother animations at a lower infrastructure cost," describes Veselá the technical side of the project.

"Europe as a Task"

One of the main themes of the exhibition is the slogan of the Czech Presidency "Europe as a task", which refers to the ideas of Václav Havel. The portrait of the former Czech president was created by the young artist Lenka Brázdilová. Pavla Št'astná, Oskar Št'astný and students of the Michael School and Academy also participated in the 50-metre-long collective painting.



Michal Fleischmann, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to France, and Pavel Št'astný, the curator of the art project, who is also the author of the Civic Forum logo, came up with the title of the exhibition – Freedom and Energy.


"I would like the Czech Presidency to give Europe new energy and culture is an important part of this. That is why we are creating such a large painting on the fence of our embassy. The artist Pavel Št'astný has worked on the themes of Václav Havel many times, so it was immediately clear to ask him to carry out the work," says Fleischmann.

600 Kilograms of Beverage Cartons

The authors of the project also considered its sustainability. That is why the gallery wall is composed of eco-friendly Czech PackWall boards made out of recycled beverage cartons. One part of the exhibition was created in the Czech Republic, another part was painted on the fence in Paris.


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