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The Difference between Pro-cognitive and Biodynamic Luminaires

Autor: Tomáš Dyntr, 26. 6. 2024

Pro-cognitive vs. Biodynamic lightsNowadays, we are more often coming across terms like pro-cognitive and biodynamic luminaires. These modern lighting technologies are having a major impact on our daily lives. So let's explain what these terms mean and why they are important to us.

Pro-cognitive Lights

Pro-cognitive lights are special types of lighting that have a positive impact on our cognitive performance. They are designed to improve concentration, memory and overall mental well-being.
Pro-cognitive lighting mimics natural daylight, which helps regulate our internal biological rhythms. This type of light is often used in offices, schools and other environments where it is important to maintain high levels of concentration and productivity.

visible light spectrum

Biodynamic Lights

Biodynamic lights focus on mimicking the natural changes in light during the day. These lights change their intensity and color temperature throughout the day to match the natural solar cycle. They shine soft and warm in the morning and evening, while providing bright and cool light during the day.
The main goal of biodynamic lighting is to support a person's natural circadian rhythm, which contributes to better sleep, improved mood and overall health. Research from the University of Bielefeld in Germany has shown that biodynamic lighting can significantly improve sleep quality and daytime alertness .

The Rise of New Lighting Technologies

As awareness of the importance of light for human health and well-being increases, so does the demand for pro-cognitive and biodynamic lighting. Modern offices, schools and homes are increasingly using these technologies to create healthier and more productive environments.
At Spectod, we focus on modern and efficient lighting control. Thanks to innovative technologies, Spectoda can optimise the use of pro-cognitive and biodynamic luminaires, ensuring maximum benefit for users. With their help, you can easily adapt the lighting to your current needs and time of day.

Interested in more? Take a look at how we installed Bright Light pro-cognitive lights in the Kamenačky kindergarten in Brno, for example.


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