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Nico Caffe after Reconstruction: Spectoda Brought Dynamic Light to Prešov

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 29. 11. 2023

An installation in Bratislava's Grão café inspired the Nico Caffe in Prešov. The owner Josef Kaňuk was interested in a similar lighting design, which creates a unique atmosphere with its shape and dynamics. The result is chandeliers made of waste hose and vertical profiles with digital LED strips that can be controlled from a mobile app.  

The lighting arrived in Prešov without the Spectoda team

The implementation took place in October 2023. This time we wanted to overcome a new challenge: to prepare the chandelier so that they could install it themselves at Nico Caffe, without us traveling from Prague to Prešov. We successfully did this and the café hung our lighting solution without any problems according to their needs and ideas. 

The freshly renovated Nico Caffe was thus complemented by efficient and aesthetic lighting that underlined its unique character.

>> See how the unusual chandelier was created in the Grão café.


Commercial spaces have great potential for working with ligtht

"We are excited about the opportunity to work in commercial spaces with dynamic light sources. The Spectoda system offers a comprehensive solution that allows not only the use of RGB lights, but also the control and automation of traditional lighting elements. We believe that this dynamic lighting trend will continue to grow," comments Anna Veselá, co-founder of Spectoda.

If you are planning to renovate your business and are looking for innovative lighting solutions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to offer a consultation and help you create an atmosphere your visitors will never forget.


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