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Spectoda Explains How Becherovka Is Filtered

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 19. 10. 2022

Museum Becherovky

Spectoda has become part of the Becherovka Museum in Karlovy Vary. Part of the exhibition is accompanied by a light installation that shows how the herbal liqueur is filtered. Along with the animation, a synchronized voice over is played.

The Illuminated Becherovka Flows in a Stream

In the Becherovka Museum in Karlovy Vary, they like to play with interactive elements. The traditional tour is interspersed with the smell of spices, virtual reality and other effects. One of the innovations was to be a light animation to accompany the explanation of the filtration process.

Based on a recommendation from our customer, EverWhere Agency reached out to Spectoda to design the filtration room. We were tasked with turning their idea into reality - installing LED strips and programming the lights to resemble liquid flowing through pipes. 

The Animation Runs Wirelessly and Synchronised with the Voice Over

The installation consists of 5 light rectangles placed on 3 walls. These boxes representing vats are connected by tubes - i.e. LED strips. When you enter the room, you stand at a table and you press a button to start the voice-over in your preferred language. You can choose from Czech, English, German and Russian. Along with a commentation of the filtering process, an animation starts playing automatically. The light is then gradually transferred from one vat to the next according to the voice over.

instalace Becherovky

The Spectoda system allows the LED strips to react synchronously with the spoken commentary, completely wirelessly. They do not need to be connected to the start button by cable, nor do they need a control unit - a computer or a human to operate them.

"In the second phase of the installation, Anna and I were in France, so we developed a remote service tool, which we now call the client section. It allows clients to update firmware, settings and animations themselves, even if the installation doesn't have its own control application," explains Matěj Suchánek, CTO of Spectoda.

Bring your project to life with Spectoda. Our system dances in Prague's Roxy club, shines on street art in Paris along with the Eiffel Tower, and turned a dark garage into the perfect space for an innovation fair.

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