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The Web App Is a Thing of the Past. Command the Light from Spectoda Connect

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 13. 8. 2022


Our customers can now download the Spectoda Connect app to control all their devices. They can connect to any lamp or light construction from one place. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.


Until now, clients connected to their lighting devices via a web browser. If they needed a customized application for an event, a café or a club, they accessed their user interface via a special link. Our SpectaSticks and NARA lamp products also had their own link. This way, when working with multiple devices, one had to switch between windows on the website.


But now we introduce the native Spectoda Connect app, which you can download on Google Play and the App Store. It is a place where you connect to any lighting device that runs on our system and redirects you to its settings. However, the app requires a code to let you into the interface. This way, no one can change your light setup without your permission.


Spectoda Connect has many other benefits and improvements:

  • communication with the smart home: this is the first step in connecting our lamps to the IoT;
  • automatic connection to the device: you no longer have to constantly go through the selection of lamps and other lights you want to work with;
  • better reaction to music: this feature now runs in the background without any problem. When you turn Spotify on and switch off your phone, the sync won't be interrupted;
  • background firmware update: you don't wait for the update, you just press a button, lock the phone and "it happens";
  • a more pleasant user experience.


Native app represents a huge step forward for us and our customers. We look forward to leveraging its potential and bringing more innovations together.

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