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300 Metres of LED Strips Lit Up the ČSOB Innovation Fair

Autor: Šárka ze Spectody, 10. 8. 2022

Inno Fair

On 21 and 25 April, the ČSOB Radlická headquarters in Prague hosted the Inno Fair. The dark garage space, which was visited by the bank's employees, came to life thanks to props from the Spectoda production.

The Garage Event as a Window to the Banking World

The new key products from ČSOB were presentedpresented in four thematic pavilions. Their names are Kate World, Responsible Behaviour, One Distribution and Beyond Banking. Synchronized lights controlled by Spectoda guided the way between the pavilions.

"The Spectoda lights breathed atmosphere into our innovation fair and moved the level of product and service presentation up several levels. Anna Veselá and Matěj Suchánek were looking for solutions for all our crazy ideas. It's amazing to work with enthusiasts like them," told us Zdenka Plánková from Surf Studio - a department of ČSOB, which organized the Inno Fair.

The Challenge that Can't Be Refused

"Last year we participated in the Start it @ČSOB accelerator programme. As a result, the bank approached us to help them plan a creative concept for the fair. The circle of our cooperation has thus happily closed," says Anna Veselá, co-founder of Spectoda.

Inno Fair tým

The bank needed smart lighting that would allow the visitor to find their way around the dark spaces. As a solution, we introduced a system of illuminated pathways, coordinated signs, props and other centrally controlled devices.

Inno Fair Kate

Event Arena was also involved in the preparations, and representatives of makerspace Next Zone helped with the production.

70 Lighting Devices, a Single Control App

The event started with a spectacular light show. Kate, a virtual mobile assistant who normally advises ČSOB clients on banking and other money matters, then guided them through the dark garages. For this occasion, our team transformed her into reality and gave her the appearance of a 3D sculpture made out of LED strips. We placed the sculpture in the centre of the space from where Kate presented the fair. Her speech was accompanied by colourful animations.

Inno Fair Igluu

Visitors moved around the space along marked paths, orientation was provided by illuminated signs. In total, we installed 300 m of strips with 18,000 LEDs. All the devices changed their brightness and colours to create a dynamic atmosphere.

"We knew in advance that this was no small project. Thanks to the unique format, we had already gained new experience during the preparation and learned how to use light effectively for events with unconventional scenarios. I am really happy with the result, it will stand out in our portfolio," adds Anna Veselá.

Bring your idea to life with the Spectoda interactive system. Contact us or stop by in Next Zone in Prague 5. Together we will come up with a vision for your project and turn it into reality. For inspiration, read about a chandelier from a waste hose that glows in the Grão café in Bratislava or the installation in Bistro & Bar Koule.

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