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Light Shows the Public How a Laser Works

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 29. 8. 2023

Spectoda constructed a light sculpture for the ELI Beamlines laser research centre. This time we used the possibilities of LED strips controlled by our system to demonstrate how lasers work. ELI Beamlines first exhibited the construction in June. During their presentation at the Science Fair at the Letňany Exhibition Centre in Prague.

Light vs. Laser: Spectoda and ELI Beamlines

ELI Beamlines is a research centre based in Dolní Břežany. It has an international team of scientists and operates some of the most intense laser systems in the world. They wanted to advance the way they present their work to the general public at events and fairs. Therefore, they were looking for an interactive element to demonstrate how their lasers work. 

To this end, they were considering the possibilities offered by digital LED strips. As both laser and LED strips are a type of light source, they can complement each other perfectly. And based on recommendation, they approached us with this issue. Together we then created a concept for a sculpture that would represent the types of lasers with 4 different sticks.

The Sculpture Was Shaped Like the Burj Khalifa

The final idea was to build a decorative sculpture that would show the different length, color and speed of their four lasers. For the design, we took inspiration from our SpectaSticks. Based on the client's idea, we built 4 different sizes of sticks in the shape of the Burj Khalifa.

All we had to do was approve the visualization and we went straight to work. In the end, we used 26 meters of LED strips on the product and the whole sculpture was 3 meters high. The client can control the design from Spectoda Studio. There, they can simply change the animations and effects to suit their needs.

The sculpture premiered at the Science Fair at the Letňany Exhibition Centre on 8-10 June 2023.

Sculpture Was Followed by an Interactive Logo

After a successful collaboration, we started working on an illuminated logo "I <3 LASER" and successfully installed it in August and now it is shining in Dolní Břežany.

"We are moving forward rapidly in the production of light props. We are using concepts that have already been proven several times. That makes the process faster and easier for both parties. What honestly surprised us about the sculpture was how massive it ended up being. It doesn't seem like it, but 3 meters is a really impressive height. We are glad that ELI Beamlines reached out to us and that we had the opportunity to create something unusual with light again," comments Anna Veselá, CEO of Spectody.

You really can do wonders with light. Check out how we implemented the light with our control system in a sculpture by Pavel Št'astný, in an art exhibition in Paris or how it enchants visitors to the ROXY club right at the entrance.

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