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Again in ROXY: A sixth installation by Spectoda

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 12. 7. 2023

Spectoda has brought a new lighting dimension to Prague's ROXY club. For the sixth time, we created lighting that generates an extraordinary dynamic atmosphere. This time it was an installation right at the entrance, where we hang a light arc made of digital LED strips.

We're Pushing the Boundaries of Light, for the Sixth Time.

The cooperation with the ROXY club has proven itself many times over and has paid off for both parties.

Already six installations are proof of how lighting can transcend boundaries and create completely unique environments. 

We have newly installed 8 lanes of LED strips, each 12 m long, which now run from the entrance to the staircase. This replaced the BE30 illuminated sign we created for the club's 30th anniversary.

"The main aim of this partnership is to create a space where visitors take away a special experience from the combination of music and light. And we've been succeeding in doing that to the satisfaction of our customer. Every time we join forces with ROXY, something unique and innovative comes out of it. It sets the venue apart from the competition, which is not exactly easy in the club business," shares Anna Veselá, CEO of Spectoda.

96 Meters of LED Strips Installed in 3 Days

The installation went smoothly within 3 days. Each of the 8 lines was made up of six interconnected LED strips that we recycled from previous installations at ROXY. We then hung the finished profiles enclosed in dustproof diffusers on prepared hooks and then fine-tuned the structure to form a smooth aligned arc 6 metres above the ground.

We ended up using 4 Spectoda Controllers (SC LED Pixel A1) and 4 power supplies on the structure.

A Year and a Half of Cooperation

Soon it will be two years since we started working with ROXY. They now have truly complex, scalable, smart lighting that is limited only by creativity. And we believe that's why they are always happy to turn to us again.

For us, the projects have always presented a great challenge on which we push our development and production capabilities. For example, we have successfully managed to connect our system with DMX so that lighting technicians can conveniently control the spotlights and installations at the same time. Last year we also managed to completely construct and deliver a tree structure for the summer stage.

Thank you for the repeated trust!

We are happy to be the ones at ROXY to bring these unique ideas and visions to life. Read more about our previous projects, such as ceiling cassettes turned into lighting or a wall where we combined Art Deco style with modern technology.

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