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Lighting that dances with the music: New light installation in the club U Bukanýra

Autor: Eliška ze Spectoda, 28. 10. 2023

Club U Bukanýra is a popular Prague nightlife venue where visitors can enjoy quality music and a breathtaking view of the Vltava River.This "boat club" is moored on the river near Revoluční Street and is known for its unique environment.During the total renovation, they decided to elevate the visual experience to a new level. How? They added designer club lighting to the space with controls from Spectody.

From concept to implementation

The club's manager, Bohdan Kločurek, approached us with an already prepared project and a clear vision.Our task was to turn it into reality. Spectoda was chosen based on a recommendation from the Roxy club, where our work had already been successful in the past. 

The entire ceiling of the ship was transformed into a dazzling light show using 86 metres of LED strips arranged in a regular grid.

>>> See how we also transformed the ceiling at the Roxy Club.

Technology that makes light an experience

A total of 86 metres of digital LED strips were used for the installation, controlled by our Spectoda Controllers Hobby. As the controllers are the same width as the LED strips, we were able to hide them perfectly in the profiles. The entire project was completed in one week.

The biggest challenge for us was to exactly meet the client's ideas and expectations. Especially with the programming of the animations, which had to look as random and organic as possible. And the result? U Bukanýra Club now offers a visual experience that is as exciting as the music lineup.

The lighting perfectly matches the music

A new addition to our product portfolio, the Music Tab, which is part of the Spectoda Studio software interface, is used to control the lighting installation.The DJ has the ability to change animations in real time and trigger special lighting effects, including strobe lights. Best of all, the app automatically detects BPM and changes in the music, meaning the lights actually respond to what the DJ is currently playing.

Our philosophy at Spectoda is clear: light should be automated, intelligent and adapt to its surroundings. While we're proud of our work in digital RGB LED strips, our mission is much broader. 

We strive to create lighting that transforms spaces, from office buildings to industrial facilities, to be not only efficient, but also energy-efficient and visually impactful.

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